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    <3 ANDERSON <3 


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    M83 - Wait

    I’m dreaming -‘)

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  7. Escapism.

    The generation of today, our very youth, is incredibly preoccupied (you could even say obsessed) in the lifestyle of ‘live fast, die young.’ We know what kills us, yet we openly seek those things out. Drinking to numb ourselves, gorging ourselves on a myriad of questionable medication just so we can feel.. something. Escape. The idea is almost not real. It’s temporary, transitional, gone quicker than once it came. Everyone knows this…yet, we are still looking. Always looking. 

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  10. Take me back to where time stands still.

  12. November 2012
    San Francisco, CA

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    normally I don’t reblog kids on here but she’s such a cutie :) x

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  14. I’ve got an insatiable thirst for caffeine.